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In October of 1980, the father and son team of Carl Campbell and Mark
Campbell formed Campbell Contracting Co.  The partnership offered an arsenal of knowledge acquired by a long family history of excellence in the construction industry.  The Company had it's early beginnings in Akron, Ohio, and moved to it's current location of Doylestown, Ohio in 1984.

Initially, Campbell participated solely in the municipal utility market. This work history earned Campbell a reputation of a contractor that undertakes the more challenging contracts that other contractors have stepped away from. In the early 1990's the Company further expanded it's operations to include full residential, commercial and retail site development services.  This growth can be contributed to an invaluable business relationship established between Mark L. Campbell and Gregg S. Lurie in 1994. The combination of Gregg's dynamic business principles; Mark's extensive construction knowledge, and a mutual tireless work ethic has proven them to be an unbeatable team.  Recognizing this, Gregg and Mark formed M. Campbell Contracting, LLC to continue the Company's growth, and offer it's expertise in site development construction.
"This isn't just a JOB, it's a way of life; It's WHO we are."
Something was said by Carl Campbell that summed up our identity:
Simply translated, this "dirt work" is inborn, and we are passionate about what we do.  Our family NAME is in our work, and our WORK is in our family name.